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Everybody and every “Body” deserves to be heard!

At Ka-Toning we have a unique East/West approach to healthcare

We use no pills, no needles, no talk therapy and there are no harmful side effects.

Ka-Toning provides an insightful and safe solution to the Physical, Mental and Emotional Health Challenges we face every day.

Has counselling crossed your mind or have you tried it before but talk therapy is not for you?

Does taking preventative measures to future proof your bodies health appeal to you?

Are you an athlete wanting natural performance gains and a faster recovery time?

If conventional methods & healthcare have not worked in the past at Ka-Toning we can start you on your journey to a better lifestyle.

When the “story” behind disease, symptoms & chronic illness is addressed, amazing things can happen

Some of the challenges we can help with

Pain • Stress and Anxiety • Pain syndromes • Digestive disorders • Muscle tension • Personal Growth Fears & Phobias • Mood and Emotional disorders • Hormonal Imbalances • Viruses & Parasites • Pre and Post Surgery to optimize healing • Chronic Fatigue • Learning disorders • Endocrine Disorders • Infections • Intolerances • Allergies 

Get your health back on track with Modern Holistic Healthcare at Ka-Toning

About Katrina

My name is Katrina.  I started Ka-Toning back in Feb 2003.  It was initially a school project business plan assignment that I brought to life.  What started out as a toning bed salon hence the name Ka-Toning, rapidly expanded offering all the latest innovative products and services within the beauty health and wellness industry.  I was always first to market with the latest innovations these included spray tanning, vibration plates, CACI non-surgical face lifting, and Laser teeth whitening.

As the years started to move on, I started to offer food intolerance testing because of my own food intolerance success story with the same machine.  I absolutely loved helping people and hearing about their results when they have stuck to the elimination process.

I married Simon in 2012 and we have 3 wonderful children.  Life is busy as they say with Simon also a business owner and maintains his jobs as a fireman and postman.  This busy life led to my opening hours of every Thursday in Cookstown and Friday in Kilrea 10am to 10pm both days.

After attending a bodytalk access class with the aim of having the tools as a mother to help my children both physically and emotionally I developed a passion for the bodytalk system and that’s where my studies started on this journey 4 years ago.  I have since studied Body Intuitive and MCC Method to enhance the bodytalk sessions on offer.

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I have recommended this intolerance test to everyone! I had severe pains any time I ate and I couldn’t pin point what it was. In my doctors the blood tests were not showing anything and I was sick of going back and forth.

So after going to Katrina about 5 years ago I felt a weight lifted as she can specifically tell you what you need to avoid eating.
So when I started to eliminate foods with wheat in them I knew that it was the problem! Feel amazing now for having this test done!

Katrina is just amazing at her job and people should go to her and finally get the answer to their problems!

Nuala McCann

Took my 7 month old son to Katrina as he was off his food, bad nappies and vomiting. The doctors couldn’t provide any answers but Katrina advised he had a lactose intolerance. Once we cut it out we had a different baby. Can’t recommend her enough

Lisa Maxwell

I was introduced to Body Talk by Katrina and after one session, I was amazed at the benefits of it and how powerful it was. After the first session, I had a great sense of relief and continued to have more sessions constantly feeling the benefit and amazed at the different things came up in each session and how they were dealt with and put to rest. I feel it has really benefitted me in many ways.  Katrina is extremely friend and very professional in her work. The Body Talk process is very relaxing and Katrina make you feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Body Talk and Katrina.

Manuel Kramer
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