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Would I recommend Katrina? Absolutely!!
I first met Katrina to get the food intolerance check done, I had painful dry scratchy hands and at the time I was putting it done to the excessive handwashing and alcohol cleaning gel. We soon figured out it was something I was eating and since then I have had no issue.
The main story to tell though is about my granny. My granny basically ate stomach tablets daily, she has suffered with stomach pains for years and put it down to certain foods eg. onions even though she always stayed away from them.
After a bit of convincing she agreed to visit Katrina, and the test showed up a food group which she never would have expected. Something she would eat every single day, so she decided to go off it to see- within a few days there was a massive change!
My granny had more energy, she didn’t have to take any more stomach tablets. I asked her recently does she miss the food which she had to stop eating and she replied “absolutely not” even though she would confess it was one of her favs.
Getting the food intolerance test done is something we all should do, my mum and granny both had it done, and for mum it wasn’t a major issue- slightly sore tummy and bit of wind, however if you don’t act and let it go on- we saw how bad my granny was- she had really painful wind and as I mentioned was eating the stomach tablets daily.
Katrina is fantastic! Book your appointment ASAP if you are thinking about it- go for it! Money well spent. 😊

went to katrina 6 weeks ago . was suffering with pains in my stomach everytime I ate certain foods. Told her my symptoms and discovered I had a wheat intolerance. she advised me to try gluten free foods which I done and am feeling alot better and starting to enjoy my food again. would highly recommend katrina

Took my 4 year old son to Katrina as he was suffering issues with his bowel. Katrina done a tolerance test and he had a tolerance to wheat something we never thought it would b 2 months later and no wheat at all in his diet he is like a different child all together all thank to Katrina’s tolerance test
thanks again
Gillian x

My husband and daughter have both attended KA Toning and after two weeks of cutting out the foods that they were told they are feeling so much better.

My daughter was being really sick every night and since she was tested she hasn’t been sick once. I am so glad that they both got tested, thanks again for all of your help!

My problems with my tummy have been completely addressed thanks to the intolerance testing and Katrina’s advice.

Lovely girl with a fantastic service.

Don’t suffer with ‘IBS’ as for me this simply test completely eradicated it 🥔

Took my 7 month old son to Katrina as he was off his food, bad nappies and vomiting. The doctors couldn’t provide any answers but Katrina advised he had a lactose intolerance. Once we cut it out we had a different baby. Can’t recommend her enough

I took my daughter due to having pain in her back when eating. She had been having problems from 3 yrs old and we were getting no answers. Then we were told about Katrina and havent looked back. The problem was potatoes and since we cut these put she has been a different child. She is now 12 and all the previous yrs we wasted with dietitians, trying different foods etc and no one knew and tried to say she was making it up. I couldn’t recommend this enough x

Me and my little sister went to get food intolerance test done because I was feeling tiered all the time, had brain fogs and was feeling bloated and gassy… we cut all the foods we were intolerant to out of our diets and I am feeling much better. The migraines are gone, the bloat is gone and I feel less tiered. My sisters skin has also cleared and she has her energy back. I highly recommend it!

I got my food tolerance test done as i was always feeling bloated and found myself very constipated and not feeling myself i know not for public info that but its a natural thing for most of us, not a so nice thing when the stomachs in bits though, if you know you know 😞

So it turned out that pork, onions & artificial sweeteners in drinks caused all my problems when i got my test done ive cut all these out in my diet now for over a year and half and the results are amazing no bloating, all my problems solved with my toilet issue 😆 and i just feel totally AMAZING for it 😃

I want to thank you so much Katrina for making me feel very welcome and helping me feel good again cutting all that out on my diet I recommend to anyone who’s feeling sickly or bloated or anything when they eat certain things get the test done you will NOT be disappointed 😊

Amazing results

I booked an appointment with Katrina after a full month of having swollen, dry & sore eyes which weren’t being cleared by anything my doctor had prescribed.

Within 3 days of cutting yeast from my diet – the result of the test- my eyes were completely cleared up, I couldn’t believe the difference!

I would definitely recommend food testing with Katrina especially if you are having an issues like i had.

After countless trips to the doctors I was running out of options. So glad I got in contact with Katrina. My wee boy had a wheat intolerance.

Three days later and he is like a difference child.

Thank you so much Katrina..

Brought my 8 year old to Katrina and after her tests told us he was allergic to pork and tomatoes poor wee man was covered in hives weekly and now hasn’t a single one in months thanks so much misses.

Had my food intolerant test done yesterday, after 6 months of being to the doctors with vomiting every day Katrina was able to tell me what was wrong with me in 30 mins! Worth every penny!! X

I am 4 weeks into my 6 week detox of the foods I came up as being intolerant to. I have gone from being in varying levels of pain in my stomach & bowel every day to literally no pain at all. I have to say, this has been a game changer for me& I am so grateful to have been able to pin point my food issues once & for all, thanks to Katrina. Appreciate your health folks because being in pain is very consuming, this has made me appreciate my well being so so much.

I have recommended this intolerance test to everyone! I had severe pains any time I ate and I couldn’t pin point what it was. In my doctors the blood tests were not showing anything and I was sick of going back and forth.

So…after going to Katrina about 5 years ago I felt a weight lifted as she can specifically tell you what you need to avoid eating.

So when I started to eliminate foods with wheat in them I knew that it was the problem!

Feel amazing now for having this test done!

Katrina is just amazing at her job and people should go to her and finally get the answer to their problems! 😊

I had an apt with Katrina 5 weeks ago and have suffered IBS for years after the test I completely cut out yeast and I have to say the difference is unbelievable I feel like a new woman no running to the toilet no cramps and I haven’t even needed to take my IBS tablets , thanks so much it’s made such a difference in my life xx

Both myself and my 10 yr old daughter got tested with Katrina. It’s is simple test for any age and we have noticed significant changes.

In particular my daughter who had been identified with having an intolerance to wheat. She had symptoms such as tummy issues, diarrhoea, bumps on her arm etc but since giving up wheat even her mood and energy levels have improved and the advice by Katrina has worked wonders.

Would highly recommend!

Delighted to have came across this Test on FB.

IBS for 10+Yrs & the results of this test have made such a difference for me with respect to Bloating, Cramps, Flatulence, Bowel movements & the Knock-on effects, Mucous & as a result general daily wellness.

For 45quid! Result 👌

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